Create an Inner Sanctum...

by Christine Bizier

Many of us declare over and over again that we will take the time necessary to nurture and honour our bodies. However, we cease to validate the importance of our well being throughout the course of the day. Manifesting simple life changes, such as enhancing one's health through exercise, meditation and proper nutrition are important steps in promoting a balanced lifestyle. I would like to suggest an alternative approach to create an inner sanctuary throughout the day.

Imagine that you are taking care of yourself while you read this article. All we are guaranteed is the current moment, so why do we most often delay our happiness? There are many ongoing psychological and spiritual reasons why we postpone our bliss. By starting with baby steps through moderation, we can live our lives according to our authentic self. I have discovered strategies that will allow you to cope with the demands placed upon you by the 'fast-paced' world we live in. Take the opportunity to focus on your personal desires and give to yourself as though you were giving to another. Build a space in your home that you can use for quiet contemplation, yoga or peaceful musical indulgence. Mother Nature will allow us to soothe our souls through Her expressions of the natural world. By going for relaxing walks, or taking photographs of your favourite places, you will be able to inspire your creativity by surrounding yourself with all that She has to offer. Lush flowers have a gentle way of comforting our souls, bringing us back to the serenity of our inner beauty. You may find that treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers will indulge your senses, giving you great peace of mind. Make a conscious decision to take a little personal time to pamper yourself, allowing an expression of celebration to echo through your life.

Christine Bizier is a holistic and natural beauty therapist at Sanctuaire Aroma Spa.

Herbal Home Spa Remedies:

By Christine Bizier (BA Psychology\Naturotherapist) & Carolyn Bizier (Reiki Master\ Reflexologist).


Herbal Scrub

1 teaspoon Organic Lavender Herbs (Lavendula angustifolia-Soothing, antifungal & antibacterial)

1 teaspoon Organic German Chamomile Herbs (Chamemelum nobile-Healing agent for sore and damaged skin)

1 teaspoon Organic Oats (Source of Vitamin E-antioxidant & excellent to use as an exfoliate)

  1. Mix all dry herbs together in a bowl and then grind with a coffee maker (until medium ground).

  2. Add a drop of water to the herbal blend to create a paste.

  3. Apply the herbal scrub to your face and body using a gentle, circular motion to get rid of dry skin (pay special attention to elbows, feet & knees).

  4. Rinse off the herbal scrub with warm water and pat dry with a towel.


Bath Bliss

1-5 drops of essential oil

Sensual scents include: Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata), Sandlewood (Santalum Album) or Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin)

1 cup of Epsom salts

*Mix the essential oil (or blend of essential oils) with the Epsom salts and pour into a warm bath. Add some candles, music & a cup of herbal tea (relaxing blend of German Chamomile & Lavender).


L’expérience d’une
intention Californienne

D’un toucher si doux
Des pieds à la tête
J’ai frissonné

Deux mains m’ont effleurée
Je ne me sentais plus emprisonnée
Dans ce corps qui est mien
Demandant un entretien quotidien

Bien enveloppée
Mes cellules se sont mises à se propulser
Une énergie dont je ne saurais exprimer

Impression de légèreté
Tel le vent sous mes ailes
Je retrouve ma liberté
Celle que j’avais tant anticipée
Afin de me dévoiler au monde entier

Une pression glissée m’a ramenée
Changement d’élan, je vis maintenant
Mon corps me parle
À moi de l’écouter
Mais que veut t’il bien laisser aller

Pétrissage me transporte vers une image
Un enfant dans les bras de sa mère se fait bercer
Chaleur et abandon j’ai retrouvés
La confiance de créer en moi s’est implantée

Chants et sons en synergie
Belle et douce énergie
Danse intérieure dans toute sa splendeur
Une unité aux milles couleurs

Une joie, une exaltation dans toute son affirmation
Un ressenti qui ne se décrit, mais qui se vit
Cet instant si présent
D’où la plénitude d’un firmament
Richesse sensorielle exploitée au plus haut degré

Puis cette torsion qui dénoue mes tensions
Me ramène encore une fois en mon corps
Juste avant l’explosion de toutes ses sensations

Vérité d’un véhicule qui demande de l’attention
Dans toutes ses expérimentations
Qui sont maintenant miennes
Et ceci d’une intention Californienne

Julie Marcoux