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*** Dandelion Jam ***

By Martha Weber

Oh, you make it in the spring when 'squitoes are abuzzing
Fill two cups with yellow florets for the kettle
Squeeze two lemons, grate in ginger, gives a tasty zinger
Must use certo, water well, 3 cups to be successful
Mix and boil, add sugar content, five cups or equivalent

Boil again, full roil, stir hard for one long minute,
Fill, seal glasses, take the pot and make a second in it.
Don't delay "another day" for seasons come and go.
Enjoy this sunshine, gold and fine, when summer rains turn to snow.

Heap high two cups of flowers that bloom in May
Shake out beetles, toss green parts away.
Place in large pot, add lemon to flavor,
Grate in ginger root to taste and to savor.
Add one package of certo, insurance no less,
And mix well with water, three cups of the best.
Have ready containers, hot and clean,
Bring jam to a boil, stir well, mind the steam.

Now sweeten with sugar, 5 cups are enough -
Or check into use of the alternate stuff.
Mix again, bring to boil, stirring hard, one full minute
Or more, if the air has too much moisture in it.
Bottle this sunshine, and label the glasses
To share with your friends as the cold winter passes.

...Mix two packed cups of dandelion florets after removing most of the
green bracts from below the flower, with juice of two lemons, 3 cups of
water, one pkg of Certo, wild ginger root or grated root of commercial
ginger (to taste, about one tblsp, ) and mix well. Bring to rapid boil,
add five cups of sugar or equivalent. Heat to a full boil that won't stir
down. Boil for one full minute, two or more if day is cloudy, and bottle
in hot, sterilized jars.