3 out of 10


New York Disco At End Of 1970`s

"54" is supposed to be a flashy discotheque, but is actually "full of creeps" - in the words of one minor character - in which your career depends on who you screw and the quality of the white powder you can sell under the table. Into this world steps a young innocent high school kid whose innnocence is slowly eroded by the corruption as his tale is told in autobiographical flashback. As such, the movie is like a short, glitzy soap opera, as the careers of hard-working members of staff are left in the wake of high-flyers who give sexual favours to Steve Rubell, the club owner.

Why the film is listed as a Neve Campbell film, I have no idea. She is on screen less than 10 minutes in total, but Mike Myers does excel. It`s hard to pinpoint exactly why his performance is so effective, but he provides such pathos that one really feels sympathy for Rubell at the end, despite all his faults, not least of which is his outrageous defrauding of the tax system.

Yet it remains a film about nothing with no story, no action and no interest. And with everything happening in an all-purvasive gloom reminiscent of "Dark City", one really welcomes the final curtain, regardless of the endless hits "that take you back to the Disco era."

Film about nothing.

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett