Agents Secrets

3 out of 10


Walmart-budgeted Action Movie

With nearly five minutes of people parachuting out of aeroplanes and a whole lot of stunts before any of the drivel-riddled dialogue begins, Agents Secrets looks like a promising and truly exciting picture. However as the plot begins to unravel, all soon wears thin as frankly that's almost all the action, building of anticipation and coherent storyline for the entire flick. In short, a bunch of secret agents go on a mission, a few people get killed and the end titles roll, pretty much summing up the plot.

Working for the DGSE who are realistically portrayed as having a budget as low as the movie, Vincent Cassel ("Ocean's 12," "Birthday Girl") plays secret agent Georges, who with his partner Lisa (played by Monica Bellucci of "Brother's Grimm," "Tears of the Sun") are sent to blow up a target connected with a ring of weapons and diamond smugglers from Africa.

Although very flashy and well made, but with a story so vague and unexplored, it becomes a confusing mash endiug before you figure out what was going on. Monica Bellucci should have known better than to appear in tosh so poor that Monica Lewinsky might well have appeared more appropriate in her role as the doomed sidekick who wants to retire and go straight. Villains are equally thinly developed, topped by an ending which is a major disappointment being both not exciting enough for an action film and not thoughtful enough to be clever, leaving a lingering sense of dissatisfaction.

Go and rent the video if you're an obsessive compulsive who wants to know the trivial details in this cheap quality-free dirge.

A Quality-free Dirge

Film Critic: Jennifer M Lillies