Baby Boy

8 out of 10


Discovering One's Own Life

Regrettably, the biggest problem that this film suffers from is the brain dead Studio publicity crew who have portrayed this as a gangster movie. Itís far more than that. Reminiscent of "American Beauty", a young man wrestles with a changing world as his own stagnates. Still living at home with his mother, he is under increasing pressure to support himself and move out, not only by his girlfriend who has to look after their mutual child, but also by his mother who has found a new boyfriend, a reformed gangster who now runs his own landscaping business and is doing everything he can to be a responsible member of the community.

Sometimes extraordinarily funny and sometimes deep in pathos; this moving story left the audience in tears, not least for the superb acting from a cast of unknowns, but also, because the script avoids stereotyping. This could have been YOUR family.

A quality, low budget film

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett