Basic Instinct 2

5 out of 10

Unoriginal and Unmemorable Sequel

Sequels are tricky things to make. The filmmakers don't want to alienate their audience by going too far from the original. They want to give the audience something new while still having a familiar feel. Over the past few years, there have been several very successful sequels and many more failures. There isn't a simple solution to make a perfect sequel like this film demonstrates.

Basic Instinct 2 picks up a few years after the first movie. Catherine Tramell has moved to London where she is writing a new book. When the man she was seeing is killed under suspicious circumstances, she is first to be accused. Tramell meets a therapist who to diagnose her, Michael Glass. He is reluctant at first to attempt to help her but is slowly seduced by her beauty and intelligence. As the more bodies begin to turn up and Tramell continually seems to have a connection to each victim, Glass straddles the line between therapist and unwilling partner.

Unlike the original movie, this sequel is unoriginal and unmemorable. Sharon Stone who is reprising her role, turns in a performance that seems phoned in. To Stone's credit her personal trainer did some fine work on her body which she displays at every chance. David Morrissey, who has done in the past some pretty good work, looks almost lost throughout this movie. The writing was uninspired and very clunky. At no point you feel any kind of thrill for solving the mystery presented or any danger for Tramell as she attempts to seduce every man involved with the investigation. The direction of Michael Canton-Jones is more akin to soft core pornography than a feature film. Most of the film is shot with a muddy feel to it. Granted the film takes place in London where it does rain often but the look of the film is almost like someone didn't clean the lens of camera.

This film is nothing like the original Vanderhoven movie with its slick feel and female serial killer. It is more like a parody of the original with no real tension or twists to keep anyone interested.

Follow your Basic Instinct to the door

Film Critic: Steven Scopa