Be Cool

8 out of 10

Sequel to "Get Shorty"

Heading into the movie tonight, I was both anticipating it and dreading it. Sequels being what they are rarely measure up to the original movie. In this case, the sequel curse failed to make an appearance. Be Cool, a long anticipated sequel to Get Shorty managed in my opinion to straddle the fine line between crappy flash back humor and original laughs quite well. Once again John Travolta takes up the role of Chili Palmer, who is now disgusted by the movie biz, looking for new horizons to conquer, he ends up, through sheer coincidence, getting involved in the music industry.

An amazing cast, featuring cameo's from both the music industry and Hollywood makes this a remarkable movie. Travolta was smooth and unflappable as the lead, Uma Thurman was great as the love interest. The Rock was absolutely hilarious (intentionally for a change) as a somewhat inept bodyguard to Vince Vaughn's character, a wigger.

Cedric the entertainer was hilarious as a producer for a gangsta rap group and new comer Christina Milian got my nod as the struggling artist that Chili decides to help into the limelight.

The script written by Peter Steinfeld was exceptional, ripe with monologues that really let the cast shine, one in particular voiced by Cedric the entertainer, had me in stitches. A great outing with both the laughs and edge one would hope for. Chili manages to screw with every one from the police to Russian mob and come out on top.

All in all, a great film that had me in stitches, more than worth the price of admission. I know I'll be getting it when it comes out on DVD.

Be cool Was

Film Critic: - Robyn Bleakney