6 out of 10


Very English Humour

This fine example of the work of Dudley Moore ("Arthur" and "10") and Peter Cooke, founder of "Private Eye", the satirical rag upon which "Frank" was based. Two of the most talented "angry young men" or the 1960`s Cambridge Footlights Club, most of whom created Monty Python`s Flying Circus, Cooke and Moore broke away with a far more subtle style of humour. Elizabeth Hurley is therefore the perfect choice as their version of Satan. Far from being an evil monster, this most English of villains is an aristocratic prankster with no regard for authority, taking delight in causing all the cock ups by bureaucracy that make modern life so frustrating.

With flair, taste and charm, she beguiles a boring support desk clerk, played by Brendan Fraser into selling his soul for 7 wishes of his choice, only to have fun, throwing the spanner in the works so they never turn out the way he wanted. For instance, he wants to be rich, famous and successful? - Fine, she makes him a Columbian drug baron with half the Russian mafia out to kill him.

All in all, this is the perfect picture for Elizabeth Hurley, who proves that she`s been the lost talent of Hollywood as the friend you always wished you had, but can never admit.

Dry and witty

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett