Big Fish

6 out of 10


Whale of a Story, Blur of a Film

This 1950's era saga, tales of a travelling salesman, is set in an idyllic America. A grown-up son (Ewan MacGregor) begins to realise that he doesn't really know all about his father. Painfully, for the first half of the film, the camera was far too often HOPELESSLY OUT OF FOCUS, with the audience members constantly interrupting, verbally complaining. Even the Film Rep was aware!!!

Like a circus story, the hero befriends the "Giant Man" who first appears like a monster "Big Foot". They leave their little town and travel to the big city. Hidden danger exists in their travels. The city is billed as a paradise, but it is certainly not heaven, and it is not his time to arrive and stay there. They join the circus, after Will sees the girl that fate says he will marry. Danny Devito (from the film "Twins"), the circus manager/owner barters information for each month's free labour. Will is in love: she likes "Music" and "Flowers". By the time he learns enough to meet her, the ultimate irony occurs as she is engaged to marry another boy from his own home town. Will wins her heart and life is good. Time passes. His father gets old and near death. Will investigates his fathers past as a travelling salesman and assumes he is a bigamyst: two wives! Will travels to another town and finds his father owns it all. Why?

Cyclical flashbacks from past, present and future demonstrate a talented script. FINALLY, the film returns to focus and the audience can see well done emotional scenes of a father-and-son last conversation before death with the father passing on his ability to tell a good tale.

This movie has lots of depth, but is seriously adversely affected by attrocious quality of camerawork by those who seriously need eye glasses. This script deserved a much better production. It should otherwise meet with your approval.

Blurred and out of focus

Film Critic: Paul Wieler