Blair Witch II: Book Of Shadows

3 out of 10


The Magic Has Gone

If Hexan Films can turn $30,000 into a multimillion dollar industry, think what they could do if they has some REAL money. And there’s not a bank in the world who wouldn’t loan it to them to film paint drying for two hours...So the banks did and Hexan Films did!

Cashing in on the hype, Blair Witch has effectively been remade Hollywood style with animatronic owls, rock music and the usual neurotic Yankie victims who wouldn’t` look out of place as hostages in a crippled airliner flick: the author, his pregnant assistant, the creepy amateur with, the ex-asylum inmate and the cynical gothic. True, Kim Director looks resplendent and quite frankly, gorgeous in her black garb, but ět`s all wasted in a film with lines as original as those on a supermarket receipt and read as such. It really reminds one of a bad sequel to "I Know What You Did Last Summer" - you almost half expect Amanda Love Hewitt to stumble screaming onto the set, because her boyfriend`s not using Neutrogena Body wash spot remover.

Occult literally means "that which is hidden", yet the Blair Witch herself makes more camera appearances than Stockwell Day in an election special. Worse, director Joe Berlinger drops in endless blunt hints about the ending so even the dimmest audience won`t have even the slightest hint of suspense.

Dead and Buried

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett