Blue Crush

6 out of 10


Cross Between Rocky and an MTV Music Video

Most of the movies that show up at the local cinema are often about sports like hockey or soccer or baseball. Very few films cover sports that are off the main stream. Like this summer's Lords of Dogtown that features a unique group of Californians, Blue Crush is about surfing but not in the usual way one would think of surfing.

After almost drowning during a surfing accident, Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) is worried about falling off her board. She tries to her best to train to get back in the best shape to compete on a national level. With the help of her two friends they train, try to get make ends meet by being maids in a local hotel and have a good time. Along the way Anne Marie finds romance and rediscovers the self-confidence she thought she lost.

Blue Crush is like cross between Rocky and an MTV music video. John Stockwell uses his direction to create a world of lush colour and musical interludes with a few dramatic moments. Kate Bosworth turns in a good performance as Anne Marie. Though her character is a bit shallowly written Bosworth tries to bring make us want to be on her side. Michelle Rodrigues, who is best known for her role in the Fast and the Furious and Girlfight, plays the best friend role with ease but is very flat. The surfing in this movie takes centre stage most of the time. It is both breath taking and exciting at the same time. The drama in this film is very light. There is even a cute musical sequence reminiscent of the sixties beach movies where the women teach a group of tourists how to surf.

For those people who don't follow surfing, Blue Crush is an interesting introduction to a sport set in warm climates and high danger levels. It is just the right amount of positive female roles to attract in younger women and attractive stars to draw in the male portion of the crowd. If you are looking for something light, comedic and catchy soundtrack this movie might be for you. Those expecting a hard look at the life of surfer should look elsewhere.

Light, Comedic and Catchy

Film Critic: Steve Scopa