6 out of 10


An Old Fashioned Form Of Comedy

Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is an architypallooser who just won`t give up. A Hollywood director of awe-inspiring bravado, he is still seeking to be discovered. With a team of failed "B" movie actors, and an empty bank account, he sets out to make another appauling flick, still searching for that big break, even as he speeds down the precipice of age towards retirement, by stalking Hollywood`s biggest star and using a double to fill in the gaps.

Amusing and entertaining, it`s a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, as his gang of misfits stumble around trying to put together their film, although this is not the stuff that Oscars are made of. Despite this, I do have to mention Eddie Murphy as both the star and the double, for this is a vintage performance I shall long remember.

Light and Fluffy

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett