Can't Hardly Wait

7 out of 10


Very Best of High School Genre Flick

High School kids hold a graduation party. Even before you walk into the Cinema, you know the multitude of the plots and how they`ll end: the guy who`s trying to win the girl he`s dreamt about for years, the nerd who becomes a really "cool dude" when he gets drunk, the stripper who wants an opportunity to become a philosopher that people will respect, the Trekkies who want to meet Aliens, the plain girl who wants to find a boy who`ll treat her like the best thing since sliced bread... and so on. Yet it doesn`t matter, for the characterization is so effective that you want it to end the way you know it will, for each of us quickly come to empathize with a proxy of oneself who is living out one`s own failed dreams of youth again on the screen, but this time, like the film itself, with total success.

Funny and engrossing, definitely worth watching

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett