Dead Man on Campus

0 out of 10


Dead Boredom On The Screen

For a movie set in a College, this is a real insult to the ntelligence. With as much plot and humour as a German dictionary, this script that lacks so much as a single clever line is regurgitated by a bunch of casting rejects from other "B" movies who must have been hastily rounded up at gunpoint.

How the studio has the nerve to claim this to be a comedy beats me. Even the eaasy, cheap and bovious gags are missing. The director`s only idea of humour seems to be showing someone who is supposed to be insane by having him claim that Bill Gates is trying to take over the Computer Industry... need I comment further?

There is really nothing whatsoever to commend this film to anyone. Aided and abetted by dreary camera angles, poor sound quality and an irritating and forgettable musical score, it really makes your skin crawl.

Humourless Crap

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett