Dr Doolittle

5 out of 10


Conversing Animals Comedy

I was truly surprised when I heard that they had remade Dr Doolittle. I remember vividly when the original opened in the 1960`s, when it was openly being hailed as a "plotless pile of crap" and as easily, Rex Harrison`s worst ever movie.

BUT THIS TIME... the studio has cast Dr Doolittle with Eddie Murphy ...in order to allow him to make his worst ever movie in another plotless pile of crap.

Doctor finds he can speak to animals. He, his family and colleagues have difficulty in coming to terms with this. Woops, I`m sorry but I`ve given away the ENTIRE story.

"Stars" who can`t act, stumble around the screen and behave tediously in ways that is miles beyond any form of credibility in a clinically plot-free and joke-free environment as if they had been created by a High School animator on a malfunctioning 286.

Bizarrely, the animated animals are infinitely more real than the humans and out perform them with ease and grace. Not only does one have no difficulty in believing that this is what they really would think, the animals have a glittering script that never ceases to leave you in fits of laughter, and the confrontations between the stray dog and the suicidal tiger is a truly memorable piece of cinema history.

One is left with the obvious question - Why did the theatrical agent of the dog this talented let his client get cast alongside actors this poor?

Dr Does-Nothing-For-Me

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett