Dungeons & Dragons

7 out of 10


Swashbuckler from the World of Geeks

It wasn’t until the past few years that technology has been able to capture the imagination of the fantasy realm as in "Dungeons & Dragons", based upon the table-top role playing game.

Nu Line Cinema opens it up to a wider audience, not just the hardcore geeks with a lot of common concepts of love, friendship, altruism, good versus evil found outside the genre, but there were still too many stereotypes, such as Jeremy Irons as Profian, the evil Mage.

The basic plot is simple - a realm is ruled by an empress and a council of mages who have a social standing far above everyone else. She has a rod that controls some dragons and it is this that the ambitious Profian is trying to steal by dethroning her. Hence, two thieves (one with a black American ghetto accent in a film set in the middle ages) set out to stop him by teaming up with a girl who happens to be a low level, apprentice mage.

More or less predictably, the film stumbles humorously along.

Entertaining, but drags on

Film Critic: Jamie Belair