Enemy Of The State

8 out of 10


Paranoid Thriller

For most of this film, it runs along pretty much predictable lines with Will Smith in his usual role as the average all-American hero, running and dodging the killers sent by all-powerful, corrupt Government secret officials to whom his death would be extremely convenient. Aided only by a crusty ex-spook, played by Gene Hackman, he must take on the invincible machinery almost single-handed. As they say, just because youíre paranoid doesnít mean they arenít all really out to get you.

Yet with barely half an hour to go, the plot suddenly twists and turns highly amusingly and unexpectedly, and even right up to last few minutes, you get a clear feeling youíre being set up for a clichť end like "Siege" with the FBI`s arrival imminent. BUT THE DIRECTOR DOESN`T COP OUT! The unthinkable really does happen! Hats off to the Director to have the guts to do it. However politically incorrect violence in films may be, the end is indescribable fun... itís just brilliant!

An ending thatís 100% pure gold

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett