Exit Wounds

3 out of 10


Another Tired Police Drama

With a piss poor start that lacks credibility, this over hyped money trap for redneck wallets stumbles clumsily onto the screen. As Steven Seagal plays his usual role as the reluctant hero, today called Orin, trying to clean up corruption, stereotyped trigger-pumping morons start filling the hospital beds and the body bag with each other in an endless series of exploding cars and martial art stunts. Indeed, sloppy direction and bad cutting even wrecks many of these, with actors wincing from a kick that`s visibly missed, and one corrupt cop miraculously turning into a dummy whose stuffing visibly comes out as he`s hit by a truck. At times, one almost wonders if this is some form of bizarre Sci-Fi thriller with Seagal clearly morphing into his stunt double for a split second every time he`s about to be hit.

Redemption of at least some form comes late in the flick with the scriptwriter riding to the rescue with a reasonable twist in the plot in the last half an hour, masterfully executed by DMX, and packing a punch not least as it plays directly into the prejudices of the audience. Even so, with most of them either asleep in their seats or long since out in the cinema foyer looking for their money back, itíll probably be noticed by so very few.

Exit, wallet wounded - or better: stay away

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett