Finding Forrester

5 out of 10


Oprah would love this Movie

"Finding Forrester" is the other side of Hollwood coin to "Vertical Limits", full of sentiment and little else. The plot is extremely simple: an unbelieveably talented young black prdigy Janel (played by stonefaced Rob Brown) finds a mentor and teacher in the reclusive author William Forrester (played movingly at times by Sean Connery). Forrester helps Janel refine his talent as a writer while Janel helps Forrester come to terms with his past.

The main thrust of the movie involves breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes. Worthy goals, but the movie seems to emphasise more that discrimination and racial typing prevents the "worthy ones".

The acting and writing is generally "workaday", however, some gems are buried in the dirt. Connery`s scene wherein he becomes separated from Janel on his first journey outside of his apartment in decades reveals a side to Connery`s acting which has been smothered by too many wise cracks and tough talk. Fear, panic and anxiety are clearly etched on his face when he loses his guide, and the man everyone thinks of as the unflappable 007 crawls away from the mob to hide, shaken and stirred.

"Finding Forrester" wraps the viewer in a warm, comfy, self-congratulatory blanket. It is a "feel good" movie.

Doesn`t challenge, doesn`t enlighten, doesn`t shock

Film Critic: Todd Archer