7 out of 10


Fast- moving Action Comedy

An Englishman asks a Las Vegas gunman to shoot him in the name of justice, a cop offers criminals a way out by selling Amway products and a checkout girl sells Tylenol at $120 a tablet. What have these in common? - Yes, it`s "Go", the flashy new "state-of-the-times" comedy thriller, consisting of 3 interlocking tales of low-life in Los Angeles one Christmas Eve.

As has been widely reported, "Go" bears striking similarities to "Pulp Fiction" in style, yet it`s somewhat crude brand of comedy is closer to that of "Can`t Hardly Wait" as the boundless optimism of youth overcomes the seemingly intractable problems of life. Despite this, the script is fresh and original, including, for example, a young English drug dealer, who despite all his naivety, Alwya comes out ahead in the US, simply from his daring-do, determination not to be pushed around and from his sense of fair play. Even though sometimes the humour simply doesn’t fly - as in all research work, even the best of experiments occasionally fail - there’s rarely a dull moment, although the all-purvasive low budget atmosphere and the singular lack of subtlety are permanent handicaps throughout.


Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett