4 out of 10


Life Amongst the Clone Arrangers

"The Man Who Haunted Himself", a cheap 1960's thriller, has a certain similarity to this, as "Godsend" follows the haunting of an 8 year old boy by the dead kid from which he was cloned.

With a reputation for producing films that hack through our emotions with all the subtlety of a chainsaw, Canada's Lion's Gate's latest flick also has some deeply moving scenes, yet despite all this, the whole film just fails to gel. "Predictable" is the name of the title music and it certainly sums up the story or rather lack of it. With a happy family at the start, you know you're in for pain and stress, and, after an impacting start with otherwise unknown actress, Romijn-Stanos, giving her all as the the grieving mother, there's a muddle and an ending, or rather a continuation of the muddle as the writers clearly had no idea what to do with the whole project.

They say that no-one feels pain at a loss as much as an identical twin at the loss of his brother, and indeed, the film is packed full of moments that make you jump from your seat with some great work from the film crew. Yet, always, the kid, Adam (played by the oxymoronically named Cameron Bright) is just not creepy enough, Robert De Niro, sleep walks his way through his contractual obligations as Richard Wells, the biological evil genius, Greg Kinear seems permanently either horny of dazzled and even the most basis levels of logic and rational behaviour totally break down towards the end. The whole thing's just a big mess.


Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett