Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

8 out of 10


Darkest movie of the series

Another year at Hogwarts means another year filled with adventures. We catch up with everyone's favorite boy wizard as he and his friends attend the Quiddich World Cup. There the frivolity in interrupted by the sign of evil Lord Voldermort looming in the sky. Harry and company are rushed back to their school. Once there they are soon find out the Triwizard Tournament is to take place and two other schools are brought in to compete. One by one the names are drawn of who is to compete and Harry to everyone's surprise is the fourth name drawn. Who is behind the evil sign and why was Harry's name drawn to be in tournament?

Goblet of Fire is darkest film of the series yet. Unlike earlier films, this movie ends on a down note and has an onscreen death. Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry again turns in a memorable performance and deals with his character getting older well. Emma Watson's Hermoine Granger moves away from being the smart-alecky child into a young woman with ease. Rupert Grint shows that he can be something more than comedic relief in Ron Weasley. Mike Newell, who is the first British director of the series, takes his cues from previous directors. It's not quite as cheery as the first two films but still doesn't have the same kind of feel or tone as the last. The plot also doesn't lend to having many lighter moments. He does though handle the darker content without alienating the younger members of the audience.

Goblet of Fire is still is one of the most enjoyable. It has a strong cast and a good pace that will satisfy both fans of book and moviegoers.

Grab your popcorn for the most adult Harry Potter movie yet!

Film Critic: Steven Scopa