I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

2 out of 10


I Still Don`t Know Why You`d Pay To See This

2/10 includes a 5 points for JL Hewitt`s performance.

Once again, another brainchild of a studio Chief Accountant is pushed onto the screen in front of the ticket-paying public on the principle: the profit of the first demands we make a sequel regardless whether there`s any story left to tell.

Even the deaths are unimaginative and predictable in what is merely a poor re-run of "7 Little Indians" as the four college friends and the 5 off-season staff at an otherwise deserted Caribbean hotel are topped one by one. For, as usual, when Directors are told to make a plot less movie, they resort to making it in a beautiful tropical island in the hope that the audience won`t notice. Regrettably, event this backfires, as the verdant paradise dissolves into a green blur in the hands of Mandalay Films, the bozo film crew from Hell who have STILL failed to find anyone who knows how the focus control works on the cameras.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in particular should seriously consider sacking her agent. Although the first was the movie that made her famous, she has clearly outgrown this genre. Whilst all the other actors turn in cardboard cutout performances, running about screaming and getting killed, she turns in a truly sparkling performance as the gutsy girl-next-door, a thousand times better than the film deserves, and holds the whole show together. Although the scriptwriters have padded out the start of the film with an overly long sequence of semi-irrelevant interactions between the college kids, Hewitt`s utterly natural talent in front of the camera makes watching her make a cup of coffee and open the mail at home substantially more riveting and exciting than the piss-poor bloodbath at the end of this flick. Mentally black her out and you have a "B" movie that`s so bad it`s not fit for a Golden Turkey Award.

A cliché-riddled insult to the film industry

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett