Life is Beautiful

8 out of 10


Unclassed Drama

I went to see this film not knowing the intended genre; I left equally unaware. One could say that it is a comedy based on one of history`s greatest tragedies. It is definitely unique.

The film takes place in Italy during the Second World War. The protagonist, an Italian Jew, is a flamboyant, comical man with a love interest. Through a series of daring and funny escapades, he wins her heart. The plot then centres around he and his son who are taken to a concentration camp. The father retains his happy-go-lucky demeanour for the sake of his son.

I found the contrast of the light-hearted comedy to human suffering a powerful mix. It conveys the message that there is hope in the darkest times. If you like movies that are politically correct, donít see it. If Youíre willing to look at a sensitive subject in a new light, then this is definitely worth seeing.

This is not your ordinary film

Film Critic: Dustin Maneval