Mission Impossible 3

7 out of 10

A Good Action Film

One thing can be said about Tom Cruise. When it comes to choosing roles in movies, he often makes interesting selections. Whether he plays an action hero or sports agent, put his name on a movie and it's bound to be hit. After having success with the two other films, Cruise suits up for another movie in the series.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) seems to have found the perfect mate. She is not only smart but beautiful as well. Instead of risking his life on missions he has settled down to do training. When he is called in during his engagement party, Ethan realizes this is no ordinary mission. A madman
killed his prized student and is now threatening to use a mysterious weapon. Hunt travels the world to hunt down the madman and stop him from destroying the world.

Mission Impossible 3 is unique in the trilogy. It not only attempts to combine character development with action sequences but also not get bogged down in process. The direction by J.J Abrams is stylish though feels a lot like early seasons of Alias. The stunts are spectacular. The
locations are unique and constantly changing. Tom Cruise plays Hunt like an action hero with heart. Philip Seymour Hoffman again demonstrates that he can take on any role and bring depth to it. He makes a great foil for the Hunt especially when they share screen time.

Mission Impossible 3 is a good action film with great visuals and consistent performances.

Grab some popcorn and accept this mission

Film Critic: Steven Shoga