My Favorite Martian

3 out of 10


Unhilarious children`s comedy

Everyone told me that this film was terrible, and that I should not see it. I tend to agree with them. A UFO crash lands in California, and a struggling TV news production-director sees this. He then proceeds to search for the ship, which has been shrunk by the Martian. Tim (news director guy) picks it up and takes it home, and the trouble begins. The Martian has to follow the earthling home and retrieve it. Tim`s life is flipped upside down when he gets to know this Martian. There is then a race against time to fix the ship before it explodes and/or he gets captured by Government-type people and studied, probed and picked to bits. Tim (played by Jeff Daniels) becomes attached to the Martian and ends up helping him we didnít see that coming!

It might be interesting to note, for those that aren't in the know, this movie was based on a show in the 60`s by the same name. This film also showcases a trend, that, to me, is quite disturbing. The film is riddled with sexual innuendos and double entendres, and they arenít even subtle, they are quite blatant. This is best illustrated by the Martian`s silver suit, which talks and moves around freely. At one point it is trapped with Lizzy, the love interest, in the shrunken UFO. It is frightened so he clings to her chest and utters "ooooh ...this is nice." Another time, right at the start, when the Martian, in his suit, break into Tim`s house, Lizzy comes over. The Martian is perplexed by this creature, and the suit makes some lewd comment so asinine to repeat, or remember for that matter, and "inflates" himself a set of breasts that would make even Pamela Lee jealous. Additionally, there is more cleavage in this movie than last month`s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. This sort of stuff is ok for an older, more mature audience, such as those over the age of 16, but certainly not for the younger crowd to which it is oriented. One does not expect this sort of stuff from a kids` film, especially a kids` film made by Disney...But I digress, this is a film review, not a social commentary.

To end, I would like to point out that Christopher Lloyd plays the Martian, and I scarcely remember the last good role he had, which was in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, in which he played the commander of a Klingon ship. He makes a better Klingon than a Martian. My final recommendation: if there is one movie you should miss this year...this is IT!!

The previews were more interesting

Film Critic: Jamie Belair