Old School

8 out of 10


All the fun of college with no university frat rules

Why do men act like boys? Because they can! Three former college friends, Mitch (Luke Wilson), Frank (Will Ferrell), and Beanie (Vince Vaughn), are depressed in life and try to relive their college days by starting a fraternity not far from their old college campus. The three starts the sorority as just a getaway from their unexciting lives, with only a few pledges of support however, it progressively grows into a needed part of the student body on campus. The wild parties (including a guest appearance by Snoop Dogg) that the crew attracts many students and non-students alike who are trying to escape their dull adulthood.

The trio of characters are very well combined in “Old School". Mitch, a promising real estate lawyer, catches his girlfriend in a situation that is uncompromising. He becomes depressed with this, and seeks consolidation from his friends (Beanie and Frank). Beanie, the convincing business man, is obsessed with having plans going his way. The ideas that he comes up with are carried out by Mitch and Frank, who clearly just follow the orders of Beanie. Frank is quite a character in which the directors must have spent tremendous time on. The number of shocking actions he makes throughout the film is almost endless. Running naked in the streets claiming that he is “streaking" to a gymnasium, shooting a tranquilizer dart into his neck, and all of a sudden beating CNN’s James Carville of Crossfire in a debate is only a few of many things he does throughout the movie.

The group comes into a tight situation for the Dean of the college, Pritchard (Jeremy Piven), is determined to shut down the fraternity in any way he can. Pritchard has an old grudge against the three from their former college days and sees this as an opportunity to take revenge on them. Throughout the tough situation that the brotherhood has been given, the crew continuously battles for their right to assemble as a club on campus.

Director Todd Phillips has been noted for his work on “Road Trip" (2000) and continues his career making comedy films. “The Six Million Dollar Man" starring Jim Carey, is due to be released in 2005; another comedy that Phillips produced.

"Old School" is not another cheesy comedy but it is rather a very social and wide ranged humourous flick which can make just about anyone laugh and appreciate. Overall, the movie shows that when people come together, a difference can be made.

Shockingly well done!

Film Critic: Janey Bang