Outside Ozona

0 out of 10


Beyond Boring

One suspects that the film is "Outside Ozona" as even the Municipality of Ozona are too embarrassed to be associated with this tripe. It`s just as if the Director has gone to outrageous lengths to EXCLUDE anything entertaining or meaningful in order to produce a film that`s as fun and interesting as a weekend away at the Treblinka Death Camp. Action, intrigue, character development - it`s all been surgically removed. Indeed, the date of release at the end of December was probably a clever ploy to make it too late to be awarded the wooden spoon as the "Worst Movie of 1998" in ALL CATEGORIES. Whoever got the go-ahead for the film`s financing from the Studio`s Chief Accountant must have been extraordinarily good in bed.

This dud-studded cast really is a supreme example of type casting: a variety of unconnected, talentless losers drive through the night listening to a radio station that`s as drab as the wafer-thin and inconsistent plot. Even a clumsy piece of politcal correctness, thrown incongruously into the middle, looks fresh by comparison, a distant and nostalgic reminder of watchable films. In the midst of this stalks YET ANOTHER serial killer, who`s about as scary and threatening as Brer Rabbit. (Is there a University in the Mid-West somewhere offering a Diploma in Serial Killing, considering the number of them on our screens these days?)

As the sort of music that barely makes the "B" side of Zeller`s own brand Country & Western Compilation albums drones on like a bad night at a karaoke bar, "actor" stumble about the screen in an all-purvasive gloom, presumably to protect their identities - without which, they`d certainly never work again after this film. Even "Fergie", the dog`s performance looks glittering by comparison as they visibly wait for each other to finish lines, clearly written on the back of a pack of Marlboro by a retard as brain-damaged as anyone nuts enough to consider paying to see this.

In the dying moments of the film, the DJ describes his feelings about the situation at the end with the words, "nothingness", "a void" and "total inactivity". One begs to know how he could tell the difference from the rest of the plot?

Easily the worst movie of all time

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett