Patch Adams

9 out of 10


The Laugh Doctor is in...

Will this have been Universal Picture`s saviour?...In my opinion, it will. Despite many bad reviews, I found this movie to be one of the best I have seen this year.

Robin Williams delivers an outstanding performance as a medical student who found his love for helping people after giving his insane asylum roommate, the courage necessary to go pee by himself. In classic, Robin William`s style, "Patch Adams" provides a good dose of laughter, hope and even one last adventure for the dying patients at the local hospital. Unfortunately, for him, the Dean is just itching to throw him out of Med School, because he does not agree with his methods. Thus unfolds Patch’s quest to remain in Medical School, while still helping the sick people he loves so dearly.

You will find many good characters in this movie, ranging from a friendly nurse to one of the most irate patients you will ever see, all of which contribute greatly to the drama.

However, this movie, as most movie do, has a little tacky romance which should have been left out. I also found that some of the scenes were a tad corny. Nonetheless, this is still a great movie.

Will no doubt have you rolling in the aisles

Film Critic: Eric Bertrand