Pitch Black

7 out of 10


Well Executed Sci Fi

"Pitch Black" is a well rounded and well executed Sci Fi film. One does not have to be a Sci-Fi fan to appreciate this film for what makes it so good is that simply the backdrop of the story is in the future.

The portrayal of each character and the interaction with other characters are equally well fleshed out. This demonstrates how some people cope with matters of survival when the choice to survive or die is the last to make. The planet that they, the transport crew and the passengers, were forced to land on, has the beautiful all day two suns for that ultimate tan and the all night sun to keep it. All water is an exercise to find.

For the really thorough workout between mind, body and, perhaps soul, there is the ingenious life that is as numerous as an ant colony without predators, as they are as big as a human and like all forms of meat, their own included...so given such an environment, escape becomes paramount!

A thorough workout for the mind

Film Critic: Theo Van Den Arend