The Chronicles of Riddick

8 out of 10


Riddick Is Back

Everybody`s favourite convicted felon/murderer, Richard B Riddick (Vin Diesel) is back fighting the good fight against his will, only this time it`s against a more imposing opponent. This is the storyline of the movie, while different, the integrity of the characters and the storyline have not been compromised.

While the movie is longer in duration than the original and the action more intense, it is consistent with the storyline, as well as the special effects. No one element of the movie overpowers any other, thereby making it, as a whole, very engaging. For those wanting to see a particular fight watch for, what I call, `The Dance of the Dead`. As an added bonus for everyone watching this movie, to keep it as engaging as possible, there is a strong, yet very dark humour to it that is peppered throughout.

The characters are sufficiently well developed and interdependent by the actors to convince me that each actor is who they portary in the movie. The special effects, while thoroughly plumbed in virtually all respects, are only there to further the premise of the storyline, define any given character, without necessarily being there for the sake of having special effects. To round out the movie, the ending is a surprise and is as classic an ending to a movie as I have ever seen. As long as you don`t want someone else to tell you the ending (not me!), my recommendation is that you go watch it on `The` big screen.


Film Critic: Theo van den Arend