7 out of 10


The boat and the plague

The Movie Sahara, starring Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn is an action film released by Paramount Pictures.

Based on a Clive Cussler bestseller, this modern action-adventure is the story of NUMA agent (National Underwater Marine Agency) and master explorer, Dirk Pitt (McConaughey),who has been searching for a lost Iron Clad ship from the American Civil War which was rumoured to be carrying one of only four Confederate gold dollar coins that were printed before the end of the Civil War. He travels to Africa in order to track down the coin, and once he obtains proof of it's existance, he gets the backing of his boss, friend and one-time Admiral (played by William H. Macy).

Having rescued a World Health Organization doctor of the name Dr. Eva Rojas (played bu Cruz) he is to escort her up the Niger River in order to track down a plague that has been popping up in several areas. The sole connecting factor with the plague victims is that they have all worked in the same area of the Niger, which is where Dirk and the good doctor are both heading.

As they run around, they dicover that the Boat and the plague are linked,and with a few minor plot twists they are united in trying to put an end to the plague. They are hampered in their efforts by a French Industrialist (played by Lambert Wilson) and his Warlord Partner (played by Lennie James). While the plot and story are weak, the action and comedy will carry the film. Steve Zahn does a great performance in his role as Dirk's sidekick Al Giordino. His sharp wit and natural ability to make us laugh is worth the price of admission alone.

Not one of my top picks for movies, I have to say that the twists in the story which are not given away by the movie trailers are quite refreshing, and therefore I will rate this film a 7 out of 10.

Quite refreshing

Film Critic: Sawn Mignon