Serving Sara

5 out of 10


Very Passable "B" Movie Comedy

After knowing Ken Bouchard, my own process server and friend in Ottawa for 5 years or so now, I can testify that this film is no exaggeration of what can happen. In the US, whoever's Process Server can issue first the paperwork for divorce proceedings can have a massive advantage in the following Court battle, often worth millions of dollars.

Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley) tries to turn the tables on her cheating husband, Gordon Moore (Bruce Campbell) by offering lacklustre, accident prone Process Server, Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) the offer of a lifetime: tear-up the documents he has just served on her and issue the converse on her husband for a multi-million dollar cut of the settlement before he can issue a second set of paperwork.

When one watches a movie directed by Reginald Hudlin, one knows ones not in for a classic that's going to be pushing Tom Hanks' latest epic to the back of the Oscar queue, and this flick is as bluntly slapstick as it sounds as they race to outwit Sara's husband and Joe's ex-colleague, a moronic gorilla, played by Vincent Pastore. Yet, it is the perfect match of the bemused, deer caught in headlights, Matthew Perry who knows the system and the streetwise amateur, Elizabeth Hurley that makes the film quite watchable with a passable twist, reminiscent of "Around The World In 80 Days" at the end.

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett