Shark Tale

8 out of 10

Set in an Underwater City

The reef is the underwater city of buildings;the community is a kind of school of different fish species trying to live and survive, and bnot become a shark bait and meal.

Our hero suddenly becomes famous. He defeated the famous shark: overnight a sombody fish with fame, fortune and female fishes to want him.

The plot thickens when the Godfather shark insists on revenge - to find the killer of his eldest son...the youngest son disappears: as a vegetarian shark, he's rather not kill. Dubious Bob Marley + the Whalers electrical fishes try to seize control of the underwater underworld from the old mobster Godfather shark.

In regard to children's entertainment, value! No questions here! For instance, kids will certainly enjoy the car immense whale wash. Compares well to "Saving Nemo".

Well done Dreamworks!

Film Critic: Paul Wieler