She's The Man

7 out of 10


Follow Your Dreams

Following your dreams and proving yourself has never been as hard as it is for Viola, a high-school girl who goes to school in Cornwall. Her soccer team, the one and only dream that she has, got cut, because there were not enough girls that signed.

She decides to prove herself by disguising herself as her twin brother, Sebastian, and visit his high school in Illyria to play for the soccer team there. Meanwhile, Sebastian is away in London playing music with his band. He wants to be a rock star, but his parents don’t want him to. They want him to stay in school and get an education.

This film combines sports, comedy and romance to make a story that is enjoyable for all. The jokes and scenes in the movie caused laughter to erupt throughout the audience more than once. Adults and children alike were responsive to this film. The scenarios that Bynes acted out when she was pretending to be male were very funny.

The acting was well done. Each character was well played and well thought out. The characters came across as very “real” and very relatable. It was like watching a scene at a real high-school.

The sports in this movie are really well done. There are a lot of action shots that really evoke the viewer to feel pumped and excited for more. When the teams score goals and the crowd goes wild, you can feel the goose bumps on your arms.

Both kids are defying their parent’s wishes and following their dreams. And the journey they experience along the way is one that will change their lives forever. When the movie is done and over with and as the credits have rolled past, you’re left with feelings of mixed emotions.

Overall, I would rate this film a 7, because I would not pay to see it again. It’s more of a film to rent on a “rainy day” or when you’re stuck at home bored. The story line was good and there was some really great acting but, the story would not be as interesting the second time around.

Enjoyable for all

Film Critic:Amanda Dupuis