Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

8 out of 10


Highly Recommended Children's Cartoon

Animation was lovely. In particular the faces and expressions of the Pirate ships crew were interesting to watch. Some grate scenes of a Pirate ship boarding another to capture it. Yup classic swashbuckling and fighting and Pirate bravery.

Eris, an evil witch/sorceress, the goddess of chaos ( Voice by: Michelle Pfeiffer ), the main plot, steels the "Book of Peace" and now Sinbad must travel by ship to a far far away Land by direction of a Star in the shy. Sinbad ( Voice by: Brad Pitt ) is framed to the local authorities, who arrest him for the crime, tries and sentenced to return the Book or Die. Put behind bars, his close Friend Proteus ( Voice By: Joseph Fiennes ) takes his place behind bars. Pressure is on to find the book and to return it fast or his Fiend will Die in his place, as time is in short supply Sinbad sails away on a Mission to retrieve the stolen book. As Pirate Captain, it's quite interesting that on arrival, he succeeds and survives, whereas all the previous Captains ships, have entered to become one more ship wreck in a massive graveyard.

Disney Films tend to be: I'm a rabbit, watch me hop-hop, whereas DreamWorks has an action-adventure, one of a very few with old Sailing Ships. A classical cartoon with a plot which my kid could easily follow from the beginning all the way through to the end of the story. As usual Good wins out over Evil, but, What else do you expect in a cartoon.

Good afternoon or evenings entertainment for your children

Film Critic: Paul Wieler