Sixth Sense

10 out of 10


I Sense You'll Love It

If you`re not hiding behind the sofa during this, you`re probably dead too. This is, without a doubt, one of the most scary movies I have ever seen, not because there`s some impending doom, or because of the special effect, but for precisely the opposite - in this, the ghosts are simply everyday people trying to tie down some serious loose end in their past lives...and it leaves you wondering could the guy next to you be one...or maybe you are yourself!?!?

Leading an array of outstanding and truly moving presence is Bruce Willis, a child psychologist who, burdened by the guilt of seeing an ex-patient shoot himself in front of him, now seeks to help a young boy, Cole, played brilliantly by Haley Joel Osmont, who suffers from a weird problem, he has the ability to see the dead who walk among us. Yet, this is a more complex tale than it would appear, for, at the same time, Bruce Willis is struggling to save his relationship with his beautiful wife who feels deserted by her husband and has started sleeping with a young man who works at her jewellery store. Can Bruce spend the time to help the disturbed boy and still save his marriage?

Truly gifted camera work and angles, including use of a wobbly handheld camera at times, enhances the discomfort the audience feels, as the boy`s relationship with the undead who search after him for his help in the real world.

And to end this fascinating story is a twist of such breathtaking audacity and originality that you`ll remember it for the rest of you life....and beyond?

Very, very frightening and disturbing

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett