9 out of 10


A Brutal Realistic Comedy

From the production team that brought you "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" comes another brutal comedy, a million miles from the chocolate box England that North Americans dream about, set in an all-too-believable London dominated by the various ethnic gangs.

A Brit named Turkish is involved in illegal rigged boxing matches run by a truly British East End mobster - no smart-suited Gino, just a ruthless old man with teeth that gleam of tobacco yellow and whose clothes are made of the finest nylon! And into this world, stumbling like lambs to the slaughter, come a whole host of the world`s super villains and Brad Pitt who puts in a performance of a lifetime as an Irish Gypsy. Yet again, it is the brilliance of the plot, similarly interweaving seemingly totally unconnected strands that one can only marvel at its ingenuity, as well as the barbarisms, including boxing matches that make "Rocky" look like bingo night at the Lanark Lions Club.

Snatch a look if you can!

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett