Someone Like You

3 out of 10


Something like stale!!

"Never get your honey, where you get your money" is considered to be an obvious principle we keep to in the U.K., yet it seems to be depressingly lost on everyone, on the side of the Pond. This isn't a comedy, but a excuse for yet another regurgitation of the usual Hollywood stale script.

Almost religiously, the film adheres to the set formula like super bondo:it's a romantic comedy ... so it must be New York, Ashley Judd's character will live in an apartment live an aircraft hanger and she'll have a street wise friend that's always played by Marisa Tomei (the Oscar Winner whose every performance proves how much she needs a new agent) Borrowing from mainstream U.S. TV sitcoms, it bears more than a stiking resemblance to an overly long episode of "Frazer" . . . Or did the Cinema's projectionist put a reel of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show on by mistake? All the old trite stand-by's are trotted out in precise order: the chaotic sex scene, the flash back to her cheer leader days, the sudden hospitalization, of a close friend/relative and finally the womanizer "turned good" by love.

Stay home and watch TV, it's the same show

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett