Something’s Gotta Give

7 out of 10


The First Half Is Great....

A movie written by Nancy Meyers starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet. This is a romantic comedy involving an atypical quadrangle: older man dates younger woman but falls for her mother while young man also eyes mother.

Record exec Harry (Nicholson) is a 63-year-old perennial bachelor who typically dates younger women. While with Marin (Peet) at her home he suffers a heart attack; Marin's mom Erica, a famous playwright, accompanies them to the hospital. While there, Harry's doctor Julian (Reeves) falls for Erica . Harry is sent to recuperate at Erica's lavish home in the Hamptons where Erica is most reluctantly assigned to look after him. After a rocky start they fall in love; however, Erica is torn between the rogue and his handsome doctor.

Up to this point the movie is very entertaining, funny and credible, full of sight gags and great one-liners. However, when it's time for Harry to return to his regular life it falls apart along with Erica and isn't so funny any more as we see the principals getting on with their lives in much confusion and torment; the result is rather tedious. The conclusion, though predictable, is somewhat unsatisfying. Everyone's acting is excellent, the scenery is fabulous.

It's a pity the second half wasn't better written, with perhaps an unforeseen twist or two. It is still hard to envision the obese, obviously aging Nicholson as a lady-killer, and attracting a slim Keaton who has clearly taken good care of herself. Reeves' character does not have as much depth as the other principals, which is a shame.

Film Critic: Denise Skellington