South Park

8 out of 10


A Brutal Send-Up

Based on the brutal and blunt TV series, "Southpark" is a sort of Charlie-Brown-gone-wrong childís eye view of small town America, where the outrageous cartoon inhabitants of Southpark stumble their country into a bloody war with Canada, because Kyleís mother decides that itís their films that are the cause of her sonís bad language. In a world where the term "shock" has been devalued, it is hard to convey the outrageous and extremely funny humour.

Despite its hallmark style of simplistic childlike animation, this is clearly a film that the makers enjoyed creating as much as the audience enjoy seeing, and a lot of care has gone into it: some supporting scenes are quite lavish such as the descent into hell of Kenny, Southpark`s dirt poor fall guy which is both striking and creepy. Indeed, with characters often breaking into catchy tunes Disney-style, including "Blame it on Canada" (Sounds fair to me - Editor) and "Uncle F**ker", one is left with the concern whether the cutting humour is slowly being blunted by the insidious hand of commercialism and success.

A tour de force of vicious humour

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett