Still Crazy

8 out of 10


The Wrinkly Rocker Show

"Still Crazy" does for the Rock Music industry what "The Full Monty" did for the sex industry. Once again, through the eyes of a bunch of joke looser's, another taboos laid bare, not unemployment, but aging this time.

The story is a simple one, the members of a long defunct 70’s Rock band give up whatever they`re doing today to reform the group in search of towering heights of the rock music industry that eluded them a quarter of a century ago.

Although the plot is thin, the dialogue is golden as it gives immense depth to the characters as they battle the onset of late middle-aged health problems and the derision of "Generation X" to tour sleazy European clubs in a pathetic attempt to regain their glory days. For example, there’s the ex-groupie chick, whose become a top executive in a chain of hotels with a mortgage and a teenage daughter herself, the lead guitarist who is now a local builder, the fat, smelly, balding drummer whose single-minded and laughable pursuit of young girls is always thwarted by the fact he’s on the run from the taxman and finally, the lead singer who is on the the brink of bankruptcy and whose blonde Nordic wife regularly screams at him in Swedish.

The film works on two levels. For the baby boomers, this is nostalgia at its best with their dreams and problems of middle age being lived out on the big screen, whilst for today’s Generation X, it`s a unique chance to hoot at ma & pa trying to turn the clock back.

This is endearing British comedy at its best

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett