The Avengers

7 out of 10


Thinking-Man`s James Bond

Rarely have I ever seen a film that so divided an audience to such an extreme: half were on the edge of their seats, the other fast asleep.

Despite what others say, it does vividly recapture the spirit of the TV series and its fun to watch. For instance, the scene in the marble room is truly simple and original and even people who hate it admit that the Teddy Bear picnic was amusing.

The central problem is three-fold for the movie. Firstly, North America, particularly Canada, are so intolerant of others culture that they canít understand that the British have their own one, different from them, and itís not just their own being badly portrayed. Secondly, the world has moved on since the 1960`s and what was thrilling then, barely raises a heartbeat now. Finally, one has to admit that, however badly scripted Sean Conneryís part was, his performance was easily his worst ever, so bad, that had he been like that in Dr No, heís have been fortunate to have found parts as a walk-on extra in soap advertisements, and would, more than likely, still be delivering the milk around the Scottish streets of Edinburgh.

Fun, worth seeing

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett