The Glass House

5 out of 10


Cinderella in a BMW Commercial

The plot is pretty predictable and old: creepy step-parents planning to kill the kids to grab their inheritance. Even so, the film has aspects which make it surprisingly watchable for this genre of flick. Firstly, the characterization of the step-parents is superb. It portrays a picture of two perfectly normal people, who, having been tempted into a crime, find themselves pushed into evermore extreme measures simply to survive. Not only do we understand them, but we almost have sympathy for them and it is this normality that packs the punch.

Secondly, the ending is a series of well-crafted twists of irony that really are a pleasure to watch.

Regrettably, the studios have resorted to traditional Hollywood glitz of fast cars and bimbos to attract the audience and it almost seems as if the cameramen are incapable of filming without the presence of a "beamer" on the screen.

Bimbos, beamers, and bumps in the night

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett