The Matrix

8 out of 10


Sci-Fi Thriller

Is reality simply that, or are we part of something else on a larger scale? "The Matrix", starring Keano Reeves is a spell-binding thriller, containing rapid action, unbelieveable twists and touch of nature`s basic instinct. It completely caught me off guard and blew me away with what it had to offer.

Any movie buff who delves into Sci-Fi, futuristic movies is gonna regret not having seen this one on the big screen. The movie takes the imagination on a thrill ride thatíll shake your mind till it hurts! NO BULLSHIT! The simple opening scenes of a hacker doing the 9-5 job on the side is just a glimpse of whatís to occur, but nobody in their right mind, unless youíre a raving looney who claims to be from outer space, will be prepared for the development into a life of complete dream-like occurrences (and its not pretty), youíll be glued to the chair as to see what unfolds next.

There are some very powerful scenes in this flick. Taking into consideration all the action flying across the screen, what hit me the most were the moments like when Keano first enters the "the Matrix". The complete simplicity of this particular scene, containing nothing more than a bleach-white screen, total silence, Neo and the so-called Morpheus. Others include the off-side romance between Keano and Trinity: the kiss at the most crucial moment of the movie. Whether or not their lives were to continue, it didnít mater and then: "I love you". My heart melted: to see love prevail, however the circumstances may be This capped off their performances. People sat in awe, my girlfriend and I nearly in tears

Other key points include how computers/technology have such a phenomenal effect on our world. "Matrix" goes beyond and into the next century. Not to say too much, but to clue readers in: programming minds to learn years of schooling in minutes.

Last, but not least, this movie contains an amazing soundtrack which I hope to pick up if it becomes available on CD. Containing samples of tech/industrial, fast-paced and pounding, and, of course, a little taste of "Prodigy" for a particular club scene, it satisfied me to the utmost and went well with the movie.

This movie must be seen a couple of times to absorb the whole network of concepts.

Definitely worth it compared to the other shit out there

Film Critic: Jason Yereck