The Matrix Reloaded

8 out of 10


A complex intermingling of artistic action, romance and philosophy

The Matrix: Reloaded is the much anticipated sequel to the Wachowski brothers earlier groundbreaking flick; The Matrix. It is difficult to write a review of a film without revealing too much of the plot, especially with Reloaded, I shall do my best to avoid too many spoilers.

The crew of the Nebuchadnezzar return to Zion, the only inhabited city in the real world amid news that there is an invasion on its way. 250, 000 Sentinels are burrowing underground and are focused on one goal; destroy Zion and all the human inhabitants. In an effort to save Zion, Morpheus, Trinity, Link and Neo attempt to contact the Oracle and see what advice she has for them. She tells Neo to seek out the source, the origins of the Matrix Code that keeps it all running. To do that he must find the mythical keymaker, only he has the ability to craft a key to get into the source. The crew is joined by two other hover ships, they devise a plan to get Neo in. Once inside the source he encounters a program known as the Architect, who explains his purpose and the flaws inherent in a system as large as the matrix. He goes on to tell Neo some of the history of The Matrix. He must then choose between two equally unwanted paths; the death of someone close to him, at the expense of many, many lives, or save those lives and let someone close to him die.

Overall I enjoyed the film. It is a visually stunning work, and it will likely get some Oscar nominations for that. The design of the city of Zion is out of this world. You can tell that the people are happy to be out of the matrix and living their own lives, even though they may not have all the comforts they once enjoyed, they are free to make their own choices. The fight scenes seemed a wee bit over the top at some times, but there was a sense of artistry to them. It was like watching two (or more) ballerinas performing in perfect synchronicity. For example: to meet the Oracle Neo must fight her guardian, that is one of the most memorable matches in the entire movie. The soundtrack is also quite complimentary. I find all the pieces fit in nicely, with the fighting, the romantic scenes, the escapes, it all blends in nicely and sets the pace for the movie as well.

There are a few flaws, other than some of the over the top battles. The dialogue can at times be a little cheesy, especially the further romantic maturing between Neo and Trinity. About half way through the movie, it becomes very cerebral. You cannot just sit back and watch the action go by. The plot is fairly complex on a few levels, and the dialogue between Neo and the Architect is pretty intense. I consider myself a pretty intelligent guy and after watching it twice, I wish I had brought a dictionary. Although, seeing that the architect is indeed a computer program, he does start by explaining to Neo(us) that he may not understand all the concepts he is about to reveal, he is after all, only human.

The movie has something for everyone, it makes you think, there is a tonne of action, there is even some romance. Oh, and stay after the credits, they are long, but you will not be disappointed.

Do not get up to go to the washroom, this one will make your gray matter work overtime.

Film Critic: Jamie Belair