Matrix Revolutions

6 out of 10


Neo should have taken the blue pill when he had the chance

With Neo in some strange coma, Morpheus and Trinity are trying desperately to bring him out of it, by consulting with The Oracle and the Merovingian. Within the matrix Agent Smtih continues his cloning crusade and the sentinels have almost arrived on Zion's doorstep. Neo must make tough decisions that will imperil him, his loved ones and possible all of humanity.

The Wacowski brothers have certainly delivered a visually stunning work, it a little lacking in other areas. The Zion battle is quite remarkable. The final battle between Neo and agent Smith reminds me more of a Dragon Ball Z cartoon, but still, it is quite epic.

What really gets me is the lack of answers and even explanations about certain things, like how Neo can see outside of the matrix once he becomes blind. There is also one of the longest death scenes in cinematic history.

The dialogue is not as convoluted as the previous incarnation and it definitely does conclude the series, in a way, yet it leaves just as many questions unanswered. There are the continuing comparisons of Neo being a messiah figure. Neo has to be the most idiotic person out there, or at the very least dense, so many things just pass over his head without his comprehension.

Overall I think this is still a decent action movie, I just think the Wacowski brothers just bit off a little more than they could chew and should have left the first movie as is.

Not big on answers, but a decent conclusion

Film Critic: Jamie Belair