The Mothman Prophecies

6 out of 10


Who's Crazy?

A Washington Post reporter: John Klein (Richard Gere) together with loving Wife, buy a dream House, then end up in a freak automobile accident. His Wife wakes up in hospital ... “You didn't see it ? Did You ?" ... “See What ?" Shortly thereafter she dies, but leaves behind a notebook full of fear scribbled drawings, including a horrific black winged moth- like creature, fear of the Devil.

Plot twists into the Twilight Zone: Driving down the Interstate, the reporter becomes disorientated and end up 100's of miles off course, in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, WV USA. Although he drives away from the small town, he ends up back here where he started all over again. Why am I still here ? ... There must be a reason behind it all?

Teams up with a local female Police Officer: Connie Parker (Laura Linney) examining many UFO sittings made by average normal citizens in the area. Cases of interviewing dozens of local trusted citizens with a bizarre series of events and personal eye witness accounts of a living legendary entity, a moth-like winged creature.

One well done camera shot from behind a Tree leaves you with the Mothman devil image burned in your eyes. Over and over, can it be True, can such a creature really exist in the 20th century.

You start to wonder? Kudos go to Richard Gere for performing well done acting role with lots of twists in plots, more UFO than Horror and concluding with a surprisingly well shot disaster scene.

Film Critic: Paul Wieler