The Sixth Day

7 out of 10


Typical Action Movie

The Sixth Day is a typical action movie with a thought-provoking theme. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a helicopter pilot and family man, Adaqm Gibson who returns home one day o find that a clone has taken over his life. With gunmen after him, Gibson uncovers a biotech company`s illegal human clonoing operations.

The effects were well done, but nothing really new. The chases and shooting were entertaining and the clones, overgrown embrios in dimly lit vats, looked properly creepy. Characters were probably the film`s weakest point, with none going beyond such stereotypes as the good guy, the innocent victim and the evil corporate type and his minions.

One thing that was surprising was the question raised about the changing moral issues surrounding biotechnology. Crucial to the film`s premise is a process whereby not only a person`s genetic makeup, but also all his thoughts, feelings and knowledge are transferred to a clone in a short time, potentially making death an inconvenience rather than a finality for anyone who can afford it.

One thing that was surprising was the question raised so close to the current one that lingers in the mind and makes the film more than an excuse to blow things up.

More Than An Excuse To Blow Things Up

Film Critic: Sarah Erskine