5 out of 10


"Something About Mary" Clone

If ever there was a film that deserved "Restricted" classification, it`s this one. Living in a Benny Hill world of tits-and-ass, womaniser Mike (O`Donnell) and his friends have created a tontine, whereby the last one still a bachelor collects a huge trust fund they have set up. Seven years later, lumbered with gambling debts to the mob, Mike has just 30 days to marry off Kyle (Jake Bussy), the only other valid claimant, aided by Jake`s ex-girlfriend (Shannon Elizabeth), now a cop.

Whilst the plot`s destination is obvious from the start, director David Poirier takes up on a journey through every sleazy cliche - the visit to the sperm bank, the bachelor party, viagra, hookers ...making it a veritable Encyclopedia of Smut, as well as adding references to other films, including "The Big Hit", "MI2" and "American Beauty" on the basis that something somewhere will get a laugh. Indeed, some of it does, but much of it fails and some just makes you wince. The best gag by far, however is a masterpiece of adlib, not by the actors, but by the film crew`s sound engineer, alone almost worth seeing the film, but it is left to the very, very last shot of the film.

As Tasteless And Funny As You Hoped Or Feared

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett